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Strategy and Business Planning


Why have a strategic business plan?


A wise man once said, "If you don't know where you are going, don't be surprised where you end up.!" This is never more true than in business. To maximize business opportunity and success it is essential to establish a clear set of goals and objectives, each detailing realistic, achievable and measurable outcomes that are time bound. A well defined plan, used as a touchstone, helps keep focus on the ultimate goal. Regular reviews should be part of an overall strategic planning process such that minor course corrections can be implemented should there be changes in your local or global environment.


JRDR Marketing can help you build a plan customized for your business and environment. Every business has its own specific needs which must be addressed; however, the core of the JRDR methodology creates a solid foundation on which these specifics can be built. Every successful business needs to plan around the seven fundamental elements within the JRDR approach - more specifically "6 Ps and an S:"


Product - The definition of the product or service your company sells


Place - The market, segment, geography & channels where they are sold


People  - Resources required to ensure optimal success of the business


Price  - Financial analysis of costs, revenue, overheads and ultimately profit


Position  - How you will position your product against your competitors and differentiate yourself in the marketplace


Promotion  - Choosing the optimal vehicles to promote your brand and products to your selected target audience


Service  - Services required to support your product and/or generate extra revenue

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