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Writing Services & Presentation Development

The written word is a powerful marketing tool which can be put to many uses. Words can explain, inform, educate and persuade. However, the choice of language or style can be crucial. JRDR Marketing can assist you with the development of all types of written material from initial concept, through creation, and all the way to the final editing and polish.


Combining words and graphics into a story makes for a compelling presentation. PowerPoint is a fantastic tool but ultimately, "content is king." The pictures, words and story must all seamlessly blend together to captivate your audience and convince them that you have the best there is on offer. At JRDR we have had many years of experience creating and delivering presentations. Whatever your topic and audience we can help you create an impression with your next presentation. Our writing and presentation services can be utilized in a variety of ways, including:


Business and marketing plans                              Executive summaries

Sales proposals                                                  Press releases

Company and product brochures                          Advertising copy

Website content                                                 White papers

Speeches and presentations                                Articles for publication

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