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CompactPCI Powering the Next-Generation Wireless Network

Creating powerful and flexible standard platforms for telecommunications applications based on CompactPCI.


CompactPCI the Foundation: An Introduction to Open High-Availability Solutions for Telecom Applications

Using CompactPCI technology as the basis for high availability computing solutions.


Highly Available Embedded Computer Platforms Become Reality

A basic primer on what it takes to build high availability computing systems.


Assessing value, every job needs the right tools

Using assessment tools to understand the true value of various technology implementations.


Unleashing the Power of Partnerships

How collaborative technology partnerships bring benefits for all.


Open Standards Outloo - Key drivers for the future

How open standards such as CompactPCI, AdvancedTCA, Carrier Grade Linux and SAF have enabled a new future for computing and communications infrastructure.


Service Availability Forum: Creating Open Specifications for Service Availability

An overview of the SAForum standards organization.


SCOPEAlliance Update

A news and activity snapshot from the SCOPE Alliance standards organization.


Migrating from Circuit to Packet: The Business Case for IP Telephony Or "What's In it for Me?"

How packet switched networks and VoIP are changing the face of voice communications.


A Revolution in Voice Networks - VoIP

An introduction to early stage VoIP technologies.


Luxuries of Today, Necessities of Tomorrow?

What do we consider a luxury with examples of high price tag techno gadgets


Lost Something?

Options for making data backups to avoid losing something forever.


Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

How creating a business & marketing plans sets you on the road to success.


Old Meets New

A fly-by of selected new cool consumer tech to accompany a photo montage.


Want Business Success? Get Intelligence!

How keeping a close eye on ones market environment and compettors is crucial to stay ahead in business.


Megapixels Equal Mega-Puzzles

Why more pixels in a digital camera is not always better


Ask the TechnoFile

A regular column aimed at consumers, answering computing, communications and digital photography questions.


Articles Written by Jon Kenton that can be found online